Adult League Rules 

MITB Sports 

All MITB Sports team league is broken down in the following classifications: Regions, Leagues, Levels, and Divisions 

Adult LeaguesSunday Men, Senior Day Men, Senior Men, Mixed Doubles, Saturday Women, Senior Day Women, Senior Women, and Wednesday Women. 

RegionsMITB Sports offers Team Tennis in 32 cities. Please check to see what cities are offered. If you would like a different region added that is not offered email 

LevelMITB Sports offers 31 different playing levels ranging from 3.0 to 6.0.  Levels are broken down in increments of 0.1 and follows the following format 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc. 

DivisionEach division will be given a number that represents a specific playing area. Each division will consist of no more than 8 teams. 

FacilitiesMITB Sports has a database of over 9800 facilities. Facilities consists of parks, tennis centers and neighborhoods. If you have courts in your neighborhood or area that you would like to use your home courts, email to have it added to the system. 

DEFAULT – The loss of a match or matches by failing to be present for play within 20 minutes after the scheduled starting time. MITB Sports encourages all matches to be played without default. Please accommodate as much as possible and get a true winner on the court. 

Weekly Lineup-Lineup must be made high to high.  For example, the 2 ratings total at line 1 must be higher than line 2-5.  Line 2 must be lower than line 1 and higher than line 3-5 and etc.  

Line 1 4.0 + 3.5= 7.5

Line 2 4.0 + 4.0=8.0  illegal lineup.


Weekly MatchA match with two teams scheduled at a designated time and date each week where 5 lines are played. 

Ineligible PlayerA player not listed on the roster before play or players that do not balance out the sandbagging rules set out by the league. 

MatchThe best 2 of 3 sets shall complete a match. 

Players Final Level:  Players rating will consist of current MITB rating on file over the last year. 

RetirementAny player who is unable to continue a match in progress because of a loss of natural condition, an accidental injury or a personal emergency. 

Match DatesDate of all my matches for each team is published on a player’s MITB My leagues page. In the event of inclement weather or scheduling matches early, the agreed upon time and date of the new match becomes the scheduled match. Rainout makeups can made up any time until the final regular season match deadline.  MITB Sports does not like defaults. Match results should be played on the court. 


  1. All team members must be paid members of MITB Sports. Only one MITB Sports membership will be allowed for Team Tennis. A player who possesses a second memberships will be disqualified from both teams in each season without refund. Player will be allowed to play in the next season under the first original membership. No one under 18 years of age may be placed on a roster in any adult league. 
  2. A player may participate in only one line of a team match each week.  A player may, however, participate on more than one team per season as long as it not the same type of league.  For example, you cannot play on two Men’s Teams or 2 Senior Men’s teams.
  3. Court fees are paid by the Home team in every match.
  4. During the current MITB Sport year, once a player is listed on a college or high school roster, that player must play the remainder of that year at one of the following levels: NCAA Division I college team players will be rated at 0 level, all other college team players will be rated at 4.0 and all high school team players will be rated at 3.5

Any player that holds any ATP or WTA point(s) will be rated at 6.0 

  1. Players may be added to a roster at any time during the regular season, but players must be at or below the team level that they are joining.
  2. 1. In order to be added to a roster, the player must be a paid member.
  3. 2. Captains may add players at any time during the season.
  4. 3. Teams can be traded from one team another. Trade proposals between teams need to be sent to for approval. Players being traded must meet the rating requirements per each team. No player can play in the next season match until MITB Sports has approved the trade.


Final determination of level placement will be determined based off every players MITB Sports rating.  All players ratings will be considered. MITB will rate each player and assign it to their respective profile. Ratings will be based off the following previous play of several past leagues played. MITB Sports ratings will be based on the following order 

  1. USTA Rating 
  1. ALTA Rating 
  1. T2 Rating 
  1. Ultimate Tennis Rating 
  1. League Tennis Rating 
  1. MITB Rating 

If a player has not played any of the following, a player will be assigned a rating of 6.0 until they have played any sort of league above in order to obtain a rating. 

Breakdown of Ratings for Each league: 

USTA Rating-Will be automatically assigned as your MITB Rating 

ALTA Rating- AA1-AA4= 5.0 A1-A7=4.5 A8B5=4.0 B6-C3=3.5 C4-C9=3.0 

T2 Ratings-Ratings are based off level of play 

Ultimate Tennis-Ratings are .5 below what they play in this league. 

League Tennis-Ratings are .5 below what they play in this league 

MITB Rating is the level of play played in the league. 



  1. Home team captains must contact visiting team captains at least 4 days before dual meet in order to discuss place and order of matches. During the phone call, as a courtesy, the home team captain should inform the visiting team captain whether the dual meet will be played on hard or soft courts, indoor or outdoor courts or courts with or without lights. 
  2. Each team must have a captain or acting captain present at the beginning of every match. Captains must exchange line-ups that is printed off directly from the MITB Sports website. Lineups must be exchanged simultaneously before the match begins.
  3. Teams must determine line-ups according to strength of players in order to make fair and competitive play for all.  MITB Sports has built in a system to eliminate Sandbagging. Each Line must play in the order of their MITB Rating: For Example

Line 1 4.5 player with a 4.5 player= 9.0 

Line 2 4.5 player with a 4.0 player=8.5 

Line 3 4.0 player with a 4.0 player=8.0 

Line 4 4.5 player with a 3.0 player=7.5 

Line 5 4.0 player with a 3.0 player=7.0 

Each line must be equal or lower in total rating than the higher line. When captains visit our site to print the lineup, MITB Sports will alert you when an illegal lineup is being created. 

Line requirements for players do not exists as long as it meets the sandbagging requirements above. A 4.5 player can play Line 1 this week and Line 5 next week. 

Team Matches

  1. All matches will be the best 2 of 3 sets. The 7-point tiebreak as specified by USTA (Not Coman) will be in effect any time the score reaches 6-all in any set. All matches must play a full third set.
  2. Each doubles team must furnish one unopened can of USTA approved yellow balls for each match. The match will be played using the balls opened by the home team. The winner receives the unopened can. 
  3. Warm-up is limited to 10 minutes, including practice serves. A 10-minute break may be taken after the second set in all leagues. Otherwise, play must be continuous throughout the match as specified in USTA Rules. 
  4. If, for any unforeseen circumstance, the home team is unable to provide its home courts for any scheduled dual meet, the visiting team has the first option of providing its home courts. The host team is considered the home team. If the visiting team does not elect to provide its home courts, the responsibility reverts to the home team which must provide courts within the approved MITB Sports area at the scheduled time. If alternate courts cannot be found, the captains must contact customer service.
  6. In the event of inclement weather, completed matches will stand as played. Incomplete matches must be resumed by the same players at the exact set, game and point as they stood when halted. Line-ups for matches not started may be changed provided they do not conflict with the player movement rules. 
  7. If temperature is below 32 degrees or above 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the court and players agree, the match may be played. Teams must wait one hour to determine if the temperature at the court falls within the playable range. Temperature to be verified by the use of a Weather App for the zip code of the matches (wind chill and heat index are not a factor in determining temperature). All players scheduled to play in an individual match must be present at the courts to delay that match because of temperature. 


  1. The team to win 3 out of the 5 lines each week is given the win. Standings will be based off wins and losses. In the event of a tie, tie breaker will based of individual match wins.