Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Team Tennis league?

MITB Tennis provides online flexible Team Tennis leagues. Team Tennis leagues provide players the convenience of set play date and time:
  • Teams register for upcoming leagues given their usta rating. Players usta ratings are totaled and divided by the number of players on the roster to get the teams playing level
  • Leagues are 7 matches of regular season play followed by a city-wide championship tournament.
  • Teams choose a home court facility when registering and are placed in divisions based on their level and the location of their home court.
  • Half of the regular season matches are played at the team’s home court and the others at the opponent’s home court.
  • Schedules are posted on the website the first day of the regular season.
  • Teams contact their opponents throughout the season and schedule each match by its deadline. With flexible scheduling, players have the option of playing any time as long as the match is played by the deadline.
  • Teams use the website to post scores and track their standings during the regular season.
  • Top finishers in each division can participate in an optional city-wide championship tournament to determine city champions at each level.
  • Division winners receive 100 points, city champions receive 500 points & city finalists receive 250 points. Adult city champs also get 20% of the total level fees OR a Trophy.
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Are leagues offered in my area?"

Currently we offer leagues in the following regions. Our regions include the city and suburbs and generally include some areas that do not always have enough teams to create a division at every level. If we do not have enough teams in your area, you will be given the option to change your home court facility to play in the division nearest you.

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What types of leagues are offered?

Currently, we offer All types of leagues. All leagues require availability for matches during evenings and weekends.

  • Senior Day Men's & Women’s Doubles
  • Senior Men's & Women’s Doubles
  • Adult Men's & Women's Doubles
  • Adult Mixed Doubles
  • Juniors Singles & Doubles
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What Doubles playing levels are offered?

For adults, MITB Tennis uses the NTRP rating system as the basis for adult league playing levels. We total all playing NTRP ratings and divided by the total number of players to get team playing level. We offer levels 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 ,4.5, 4.6 ,4.7, 4.8 ,4.9, 5.0 ,5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, and 6.0 in All cities. This covers beginner to advanced levels.

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How much does it cost to play?"

  • Team Tennis League is $15 per year membership. Membership expires one year from the day you obtain it. Memberships are not like other leagues where the the membership expires on December 31 regardless of day of purchase. Purchase the membership on June 1st and it will expire on June 1 the following year.
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How do I register for a league?

To see the leagues available in your area, players must create a profile with There is no charge for creating a profile! The profile will allow you access to the membership areas of the site and to view open leagues. To create a profile, choose “Register -> New Profile” from the main navigation.

Once a player has created a profile, anytime they login they will be shown any leagues that are open for registration in their area. To register for a specific league,players will receive a team number from the captain of the team they will be joining. Players will use this team number to join a team for the season.

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Where do I play my matches?

Teams must choose a home facility when registering for a league. Teams can choose courts in their neighborhood, at a public or private facility, or anywhere there is a court that can be reserved for play and that has restroom facilities. Players will typically play half of their matches at their home courts and half of their matches at their opponents’ courts. We create divisions based on playing level and location with an attempt to minimize the driving distance to away matches! If you do not have courts, contact us at to get a listing of public tennis facilities in your area!

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How many matches will I play?

We offer 7 regular season matches. In addition, each league is followed by a single-elimination championship tournament that can result in up to 4 additional matches. The details of your schedule will be determined by the number of teams in your division. Divisions can be made up of 4 to 11 teams with a goal of keeping driving distances at a minimum. In divisions of 4 to 6, you will play 1 or more teams twice. In divisions of 8 to 11, you will not play every single team in your division. This allows us to be flexible in areas that may not have as many players and avoid a situation where a team is placed in a division of players that are not in their area.

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How far will I have to drive for matches?

We create divisions based on playing level and player home facility location. Our goal is to keep driving distances to a minimum (15 miles or less). Plus with our 25 mile rule, if a match is over 25 miles, the players can request to meet at a court halfway. Please keep in mind that as leagues open in new cities, as the number of players grows, the driving distances and number of playing levels will get better and better each season! So be patient if we are just getting started in your city!

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How do I get my playing schedule?

Schedules are published on the first day of regular season play. Players will be notified via email when schedules are posted or can check the web site.

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What are the rules of play?

Adult leagues are best 2 out of 3 set matches. Please see the rules below for complete details.

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Do matches have to be played in order?

Matches are played in order and on a specific date and time designated each week. Matches will not be played on any holiday or holiday weekends.

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What do the age requirements mean?

18 & Over means you may play an opponent that is older or younger than you. 18 & Over means 18 yrs of age to Over 100 yrs old can play.

  • Player 1 Age = 18, Player 2 Age = 56: Legal for 18 & Over

40 & Over means you may play an opponent that is older or younger than you. 40 & Over means 40 yrs of age to Over 100 yrs old can play.

  • Player 1 Age = 40, Player 2 Age = 85: Legal for 40 & Over
  • Player 1 Age = 24, Player 2 Age = 45; illegal for 40 & Over
  • Player 1 Age = 37, Player 2 Age = 52; *** Up to the discretion of MITB Sports

*** However, MITB Sports reserves the right to allow players younger than the minimum age to play in a 40 & Over league,within reason, if the there are not enough players to create that division of play.

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What is the championship tournament?

Playoffs begin after the regular season to determine a City Champion & Runner-up for each playing level in each league.

Top players in each division will automatically qualify for playoffs if they have marked themselves as available to play. In addition, wildcard players may be chosen if needed to complete the draw.

The playoffs are single elimination and the final 2 teams at each level will play a championship match to determine the City Champion and runner-up for each level.
  • Adult City Champions will receive 500 points and 20% of the level fees OR a Trophy. City Champions will be posted on the website!
  • Finalists will receive 250 points. Finalists will also be posted on the website!
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What are MITB Points?

Players get points for every game won. These points go towards a gift card when you accumulate enough points for each gift card level.

  • Games won = 1 point per game
  • Division winners = 100 points
  • Championship Finalist = 250 points
  • Championship Champion = 500 points
View gift card levels here.

What is your refund policy?

Players can get a full refund for their registration until the registration deadline. Once registration ends, there will be no credits or refunds unless we do not form a division at your playing level, in which case you will get a 100% refund. If you fall under the Sandbagging rule, there are no refunds of any kind.

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How do I contact MITB Tennis?

You can contact us by email at Visit our contact us page for details

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