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All games are to be played at the time, date and
place specified on the schedule.

Each team can have as many players as they
choose. The roster minimum for softball is 13 players.

Game time is forfeit time. Minimum to start a
game is 7 players.

Forfeits will be scored as a 10 – 0 final match score.

Mercy Rule/Run Rule: 15 after 3, 15 after 4, and 12 after 5.
       a. If you know you may not be able to field a full team, please
call an MITB Sports representative at least 48 hours in advance if
you would like to explore a rescheduling option. If it is
within 48 hours, please STILL let us know so that we can
notify your opponent! Although your team may end up
forfeiting the match, there may still be an opportunity to use
the space for practice or pick up games.
● Call: 470-432-4408
● Email: or

b. Teams forfeiting more than two league games will not be
eligible for the playoffs. Teams forfeiting three or more
games will be removed from the schedule.

Teams have a choice to self-officiate or
 agree upon an official, a team member or spectator is fine.
Games will not be rescheduled and will count as official game.

● Cleats
● Only rubber molded cleats are permitted. No
metal cleats or screw ins are allowed.
● Balls
● MITB Sports will provide game
balls each week.
● Bases
● Bases will be provided for all games
● Bats
● Legal bats are as defined by ASA rules.  Bats not
following these rules may not be used for
MITB Sports play. This information can be found at
1. The first time a team comes to the plate
with an illegal bat, the batter is
considered out. The second time the team
uses an illegal bat, the batter is out and
ejected with possible league suspension.
2. Each individual is responsible for using
legal bats.
3. MITB Sports and the umpires reserve the right to
disallow a bat should it be thought the bat
may have been altered. If a bat is used
and proven to be altered
results in the immediate ejection of the
person using the bat and the owner of the
bat, and the owner/user may possibly be
suspended for the remainder of the
season or longer, as this is a safety issue.
We will not issue refunds.

● Regulation Games:
● The game time is indicated on the schedule and
that’s when the game clock will start.
● Incomplete innings are to be played to
● No new innings will start after 53 minutes of
playing time.
● The Umpire’s watch is the official time
● Regulation games last 7 full innings.
● A game that is called off by the Umpire for darkness
or other safety reasons after 4 full innings of play or
30 minutes of expired game time, will be considered
a completed regulation game
● In the event of a tie score at the end of the 7 the inning
or 53rd minute, during the regular season, the game
will be recorded as a tie.

Fielding Team:
● The maximum number of infielders is 6 (including
Pitcher and Catcher). Outfielders must stay in the
grass until contact is made. If an outfielder comes
into the infield dirt before contact is made, and is
any way involved in that play, all runners will be
ruled safe.

● Fielding positions can be changed between
players on the field while on defense, however
new players may not substitute in except for:
● A pitching change
● The team is short fielders
● An injury substitution
● The batting order must always stay the same
despite any changes made on the field.
● If an outfielder comes inside the line
before contact is made and is in any way
involved with that play, all runners will be
ruled safe.
● If an infielder comes inside the baseline
or goes into the outfield before contact is
made and is in any way involved in the
play, all runners will be ruled safe.
The Count:
● Batters will start with a one-ball/one-strike count.
With two strikes, the batter has courtesy foul. The
second foul with two strikes will be called strike
three and the batter out.
Batting Order:
● All players may bat but no more than three males
can bat in a row.
● If a player plays defense, then he/she must bat as
● There are no substitutions in the batting line-up.
● All late arriving players may be inserted at any time. Late
arrivals must be inserted into the bottom of the batting
order, or as close to the bottom to ensure gender rules
● Batting Out of Order:
● If the error is discovered while the incorrect batter
is hitting, then the correct batter will assume the
ball/strike count of the incorrect batter.
● If the error is discovered after the incorrect
batter has safely reached base, the incorrect
batter will be called out, and all runners will
return to their original base.
● The opposing team must make the umpire
aware of “batting out of order” before a pitch is
thrown to the next batter. If it is not, then the
incorrect batter will stay on base.

Walked Batters:
● When the umpire has called four balls. The
batter-runner is awarded first base
● The ball is dead and runners may not advance
unless forced.
● If the pitcher desires to walk a batter
intentionally, he may do so by notifying the
plate Umpire who will award 1st base to the
● If two batters are to be walked intentionally,
the second intentional walk may not be
administered until the first batter reaches first
● If the umpire mistakenly allows two
walks at one time and the first batter fails
to touch first base, no appeal will be
honored on the first batter.

Home Run Rule
● Fenced Fields
● Each team will be allowed 3 home runs per
game for all leagues. Any ball hit over the fence
after the 3rd HR will be declared an out.
● After hitting a home run over the fence, the
batter does have to run and touch first base
only, but does not have to touch any other base
unless they choose to do so. All runners on
base at the time of the home run have to circle
the bases and touch home plate.

Infield Fly
● Infield fly is in effect with less than 2 outs and
runners on first and second base or bases loaded.
● Any pop-up which would be a routine play for an
average fielder hit in or near the infield will result in
an automatic out, if the ball is fair.
● Runners may advance at their own risk.

Pinch Runners
● Pinch runners are limited to INJURED Players
ONLY. If you hit you must run. If player needs an
injury substitute it must be the last out and same
gender. There is no limit but player must be injured,
we will monitor teams abusing this rule.

1. The playoffs begin the week after all regular season games
have been played.
2. The top four teams with the best records will advance to the
playoff rounds.
a. Additional teams may be added to the playoffs for
larger sized leagues.
3. Tie-breakers will be decided as follows:
a. Total standing points
b. Point Differential
c. Head To head
d. Coin Toss

All MITB Sports are intended to be recreational, unless designated as a competitive league at
registration. Any player who is considered to be excessively
competitive and/or overly aggressive may be removed from
competition at the discretion of an MITB Sports staff member.