Tourna CUBE – Electronic Stringer


  • Features a diablo linear pull tensioner for the most delicate strings and auto start string gripper. The fastest way to pull tension, just wrap around the nosecone, lay the string throug the linear gripper, and in the process of doing that, the auto string tensioner starts to pull. Just press the same button to release the tension.
  • Gravity assisted base clamp release. Just release the clamp and the clamp falling to the base unlocks the base. Lightening fast! You can also press the clamp base button and release the base that way too. To lock the base, just move the handle until it clicks. Eliminates over tightening and that extra work to release the base too.
  • 6 point mount self leveling mount makes it easy and quick to mount racquets. One knob adjusts each side arm automatically. Adjustable V supports allow you to customize the placement of the mounts.
  • Full electronic instruments for 6 pull speeds, 4 levels of pre-stretch, Knot function, 8 programmable memory settings, and precision tension control from 10-90 lbs in .1 increments. Microprocessor controlled True Contant Pull technology.
  • Motorized adjustable height, side tool holder, reel holder, and a USB port to charge your phone while stringing.


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