Junior's Flex League

It's Time to Start Getting Your Game On!!!

Flex League Subscription is needed for these leagues

Boy's & Girl's Singles

Registration: Feb 10, 2021 to May 25 2021
Regular Season: May 31 - July 18 2021
Playoffs: July 19 - Aug 14, 2021
Boy's and Girl's Singles

Flex Leagues are all about the flexibility you have to play matches when you and your opponent are available to play


Play at your on pace. Schedule your matches with your opponents when you are free to play - That's what being part of a Flex League means.

10 Matches during the regular season

You contact your opponent and schedule matches at your home courts for "Home" matches or at your opponents courts for "Away" matches.

Deadlines to play regular season matches?

You have until the end of the regular season to complete your matches. You can complete all your matches as early as you like. No Defaults unless both players agree and notify MITB Sports - Tennis customer service.

Why MITB Sports - Tennis

Sandbagging is taken extremely serious!!!

What You Get

MITB Sports gives back to the players!!