Adult How it Works

Click Become a member from the home page.

It is free

Fill out all the boxes

Make sure you date of birth is correct. common mistake is leaving it as 2020, resulting in players not eligible to play for league play.

Make sure you select the correct gender or you will not be able to join the correct league. when registering for a season, men's or women singles or doubles will populate base on your response here.

MITB Tennis offers flex & team leagues in 32 cities. make sure you select correct region to play in. once you proceed to register for a season, your region and facilities in your region will populate based on your response in this section.

select your desired level you would like to play. remember this is desired level. mitb sports will assigned you a different level if we feel your sandbagging or playing too high. playing too low is called sandbagging and hurts the game significantly. playing too high is great that you trying to get better but as your trying to get better so is the players your playing.
for flex leagues levels are as followed
3.0, 3.5 ,4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0
for team leagues levels are as followed:
3.0,3.1, 3.2,3.3, 3.4,3.5,3.6,3.7,3.8,3.9

click register and your done. once your registeration is complete, MITB tennis will send you an email with your player id number. this number is your playing number in case you play a team league.

Congratulation you have got a member profile with mitb sports.

Next, select the membership you would like to purchase.

Adult Flex Membership

Membership is $35 of the whole year and expires 1yr from the date of purchase.
Membership covers 3 flex singles season, 3 regular doubles singles & 3 mixed doubles seasons

Junior Flex membership

Membership is $20 of the whole year and expires 1yr from the date of purchase.
Membership covers 3 flex singles season.

Team Tennis Membership

Membership is $15 of the whole year and expires 1yr from the date of purchase.
Membership covers all regular & mixed doubles season offered. senior leagues are included.

Congratulations for obtaining a memberships. 10% of those fees just went to berts big adventure

return to the home page and click on ready to play to register for the upcoming season.

flex league membership players will register normally. team league will players will be provided a team number from their captain to register for season.

now your registered for the season click on your my league page at the top of the page.

every game won in any tennis league or tournament accumulate 1 player point for each game won. bonus players are given for division winners, finalists and champions. these points can be cashed in for gift cards.

Upcoming tennis leagues gives players all leagues they are currently registered for.

previous leagues is leagues that a player has played in the past. current season is the seson that a player is playing at the moment

Players in your division: this area list all players in your division with their email address and phone number so you may contact them to schedule a match. Facility is the courts that the players is using for their home matches

Follow your standings as results come in. standings are based off wins/loses. when players are tied the tie reverts to the players rating. players rating is the difference between games won and lost .

how do i put in a scores: home teams scores goes first followed by away teams scores. if a player is to be defaulted the scores should be entered as 6-0 6-0 if home and 0-6 0-6 if away.

each player receives a 10 match schedule. mitb sports will do their best to give each player 5 home and 5 away matches. what if i'm given a bye, what do i do? if you have a bye in a week players have two options: 1. leave it blank 2. play any player that isn't a mitb member and have that player become a member on our site. your bye week opponent will be inserted into your schedule and is only committed to play one match for free.

Week 1 raquel is home. raquel's score goes into the first box for set 1.

Week 1 leslie is away. leslie's score goes into the second box for set 1.

Week 1 raquel is home. raquel's score goes into the first box for set 2.

when scores are entered players selected if the matches was completed, defaulted, retired or not played. players must select the date it was played and hit submit. please click submit once and remove mouse from clicking twice. if players click twice, match scores will be recorded twice.

scores have been entered. both players will receive an email to confirm the correct scores. the day the match was played and who entered the scores will be listed. as when you put the scores in, results will be emailed in the same format. home first and away second.

congratulations you maded the playoffs. regular season play in mitb sports is primary for seeding and player point purposes. all players make the playoffs in mitb sports.

i'm the champion whats next?

MITb tennis is in 32 cities. all flex and team league champions move straight to our national championship. mitb tennis will pay a portion of hotel/travel cost associated with making the trip to our national championship location which will change between the 32 cities each year.