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Are you ready to play in one of our leagues? You have to complete two steps:

1: Become a Member of MITB Sports (Free)
2: Pay for the Subscription of one or both:
   a: MITB Sports Flex Leagues ($35.00 per year)
   b: MITB Sports Team Tennis ($15.00 per year/per player)
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Singles - Doubles - Mixed Doubles

Remember, there are a few steps:
1: Become a Member (Free)
2: Subscribe for either or both:
    a: MITB Sports Flex League Tennis
    b: MITB Sports Team Tennis (Captains First)

For Team Tennis, once you have the subscription a captain will register their team and get a Team Number that the captain will give to the players to register themselves on the team.

Already a member and already paid for your subscriptions? Go to your “My Account” page and at the bottom, Register and Play.

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